How we deal with inexperienced customers? we work closely with them…



Our Business Head Anand Gijare spoke to Chris Wakare a Co-founder and Managing Partner  Intelliconnect Technologies about their approach to dealing with inexperienced customers

Hi Chris, a garment manufacturer indeed is new to machine learning. How did you help him understand the technology and how did you help him in visualizing the solution. Can you elaborate pls?


Hi Anand, Excellent Question. The requirement for a solution came from internal reviews with the Production Staff. As strategic technology advisors and implementation partners – we work closely with customers and provide them numerous options towards a solution.  Since they already had 3+ years of data, using ML to model and productionize came up as a top option to go with. From our experience, customers know what machine learning can do – however there seems to be a misnomer that only large enterprises can build and afford the solution. A collaborative approach and composite team  ensured that we could implement within 3 calendar weeks

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