Promising Future for Digital Health in 2019

There will be significant developments in terms of investments, product development and approvals, expansion of footprints and emergence of startups in digital healthcare in 2019

Importance of digitization of healthcare is emerging after decade of efforts and tireless initiatives of digital healthcare companies to prove the point. Build on strong foundation of last year’s events digital healthcare will improve its business worldwide.

I can anticipate that more pharma companies will be doing deals with digital healthcare companies this year for buying digital offerings to manage product development and commercialization.

The US FDA has moved positively towards expanding use of real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) mining for clinical developments breaking down the barriers between clinical trials and clinical care. This is definitely going to show increase in sponsor investments in use of digital tools in clinical trials and product development projects.

This year payers will bring sound money for investing in digital tools and applications to improve customer loyalty through customer value management programs. Cost control and expanding market share are two key strategic initiatives payers will put forward in 2019 and therefore we would see use of digital tools to identify market moods.

2019 will bring increased and improved investments in artificial intelligence in digital engagement tools for consumers and marketing support. It will bring predictive analytics around customer treatments based on lifestyle, environment and activity. There will be increase in value based customized treatment plans based on AI analytics. It will help in creating quality care for patients in cost effective way. It will help in deciding appropriate medicine dosage that will add to efficiency and cost effective clinical treatments.

Rising costs of medical treatments are putting burden on governments and healthcare budgets are collapsing. There is dire need for solutions that will bring down medical expenses to minimal costs without compromising on quality of clinical delivery. This will increase the use of remote patient treatments using tools such as telemedicine. Getting closer to patient using digital tools will increase in 2019, reducing rush at doctor’s clinic, keeping it at minimal levels.

In conclusion 2019 is going to demonstrate overall promising year for digital healthcare companies. Digital tools that will be helping clinical trial companies, drug development companies, hospitals and healthcare facilities and remote patient monitoring will show large investments coming their way…

About the Author:

Anand writes for digital healthcare companies. He assist them in creating digital marketing contents such as white papers, articles, blogs, market research reports, videos, website content and sales collateral.

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