“Why every CXO should have a website”

Tell us about: Why every CXO should have a website ?

Every CXO, every employee and every person should have a website because;

– It helps develop his Personal Branding

– Enhancing his communication skills

– Better understanding of the online world

Most people stay away from this because they think it’s complicated, difficult and expensive to create a website. This is a MYTH. That’s where I come and help clarify this MYTH via my seminars, workshops and services.

I started doing seminars/workshops on “How to create websites with WordPress” in 2012 and subsequently felt the need for another course for CXOs on “Email Marketing”.

Having a website is the first thing you need when you start a business. Without one you loose credibility. It’s like you need a Visiting card, phone, computer, internet access. These are all basic essentials today. You could have a need for a more complex website with a lot of features too and that’s fine, but a basic website is needed. I feel that a website should be minimalistic so that your message (about you/about your company) is understood by your visitors in 5 seconds or less. If you have too much content, people may stop reading half-way, then you loose your audience from getting to know you better.

Share some experiences where your coaching has helped

Technology is a must. Maybe 20-30 years ago people could get away without learning technology. However, today that’s changed. People need to learn technology to stay updated with their work. As a coach I get to help bridge that gap for people which is very exciting and satisfying as well.

For one, the customer gets clarity on what happens in the background and this helps them take decisions to go forward with it or not. Knowledge is the precursor to getting something done. The modules and technology I select are made simple for people to understand. Take a look at one my customer’s website. He is 74 years old today and made the website only last year. http://loynmoonart.com

What is different about your coaching

As far as I know, I seem to the only person who does 1 to 1 coaching for learning how to create a website. No one seems to be doing that.

It’s the fastest way to learn. The good thing about attending a workshop is that a person can clarify doubts on the spot. Online and self learning is fine but takes longer to learn and needs more effort. Coming from a tech support role, I’ve always liked to help people and felt the most natural next transition would be to get into training and coaching. It comes naturally and easily to me.

Come for my free Introductory Seminars. Listen to what I have to say. If it makes sense come for the workshop or enroll for my services. 🙂

We also have a team to develop websites for clients who want to outsource their requirements to us. We also provide a service to handle our clients email campaigns to increase their business.

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